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1995 Escort LX Wagon Prices

This Crew Cab Long retails for a specific price but how much will it really fare in a transaction? How much will a dealer give you for a trade-in? How much should you pay for it used? Factor in mileage and condition below for real costs.
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1995 Ford Escort LX Wagon Pricing

Mileage Dealer Trade-In Value Consumer Resale Value
Rough Average Clean Excellent
125,001 - 135,000
$250 $775 $1,050 $2,150
135,001 - 145,000
$162 $687 $962 $2,062
145,001 - 155,000
$81 $606 $881 $1,981
155,001 - 165,000
$7 $532 $807 $1,907
165,001 - 175,000
($58) $466 $741 $1,841
175,001 - 185,000
($117) $407 $682 $1,782
185,001 - 195,000
($169) $355 $630 $1,730
195,001 - 205,000
($214) $310 $585 $1,685
205,001 - 215,000
($252) $272 $547 $1,647
215,001 - 225,000
($282) $242 $517 $1,617
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