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1997 Chevrolet G2500 Base Cargo Van

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1997 Chevrolet G2500
Engines: 6.5L V6; 5.0L V8; 7.4L V8; 5.7L V8; 4.3L V8
Transmissions: 5 Speed Manual; 0 Speed Automatic; 4 Speed Automatic
Drivetrains: Rear Wheel Drive
Power: 200 HP
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1997 G2500 Base Cargo Van Specs

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Section Opened 1997 G2500 Base Cargo Van Performance Hide
4,300 cc 4.3 liters 90° V 6 front longitudinal engine with 101.6 mm bore, 88.4 mm stroke, 9.2 compression ratio, cast iron block, cast iron head, overhead valve, automatic valve adjustment and two valves per cylinder
Unleaded fuel
Fuel consumption: EPA urban (mpg): 15 and country/highway (mpg): 19
Fuel economy EPA highway (mpg): 19 and EPA city (mpg): 15
Multi-point injection electronic fuel system
31 gallon main fuel tank
Heavy duty battery
Power: 149 kW , 200 HP @ 4,400 rpm; 250 ft lb @ 2,800 rpm

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