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2000 Sable GS Wagon Prices

This Ext Cab Long retails for a specific price but how much will it really fare in a transaction? How much will a dealer give you for a trade-in? How much should you pay for it used? Factor in mileage and condition below for real costs.
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2000 Mercury Sable GS Wagon Pricing

Mileage Dealer Trade-In Value Consumer Resale Value
Rough Average Clean Excellent
120,001 - 130,000
$910 $1,435 $1,860 $3,310
130,001 - 140,000
$777 $1,302 $1,727 $3,177
140,001 - 150,000
$654 $1,179 $1,604 $3,054
150,001 - 160,000
$542 $1,067 $1,492 $2,942
160,001 - 170,000
$440 $965 $1,390 $2,840
170,001 - 180,000
$350 $875 $1,300 $2,750
180,001 - 190,000
$270 $795 $1,220 $2,670
190,001 - 200,000
$201 $726 $1,151 $2,601
200,001 - 210,000
$142 $667 $1,092 $2,542
210,001 - 220,000
$95 $620 $1,045 $2,495
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