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2013 CTS-V Base Wagon Prices

This Wagon retails for a specific price but how much will it really fare in a transaction? How much will a dealer give you for a trade-in? How much should you pay for it used? Factor in mileage and condition below for real costs.
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2013 Cadillac CTS-V Base Wagon Pricing

Mileage Dealer Trade-In Value Consumer Resale Value
Rough Average Clean Excellent
0 - 5,000
$42,691 $45,166 $47,241 $51,191
5,001 - 15,000
$41,733 $44,208 $46,283 $50,233
15,001 - 25,000
$40,481 $42,956 $45,031 $48,981
25,001 - 35,000
$39,265 $41,740 $43,815 $47,765
35,001 - 45,000
$38,082 $40,557 $42,632 $46,582
45,001 - 55,000
$36,935 $39,410 $41,485 $45,435
55,001 - 65,000
$35,822 $38,297 $40,372 $44,322
65,001 - 75,000
$34,744 $37,219 $39,294 $43,244
75,001 - 85,000
$33,700 $36,175 $38,250 $42,200
85,001 - 95,000
$32,691 $35,166 $37,241 $41,191
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