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2013 Ridgeline RTL Crew Cab Pickup Prices

This Utility retails for a specific price but how much will it really fare in a transaction? How much will a dealer give you for a trade-in? How much should you pay for it used? Factor in mileage and condition below for real costs.
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2013 Honda Ridgeline RTL Crew Cab Pickup Pricing

Mileage Dealer Trade-In Value Consumer Resale Value
Rough Average Clean Excellent
0 - 5,000
$27,650 $29,150 $30,375 $32,700
5,001 - 15,000
$27,126 $28,626 $29,851 $32,176
15,001 - 25,000
$26,441 $27,941 $29,166 $31,491
25,001 - 35,000
$25,775 $27,275 $28,500 $30,825
35,001 - 45,000
$25,128 $26,628 $27,853 $30,178
45,001 - 55,000
$24,499 $25,999 $27,224 $29,549
55,001 - 65,000
$23,888 $25,388 $26,613 $28,938
65,001 - 75,000
$23,296 $24,796 $26,021 $28,346
75,001 - 85,000
$22,722 $24,222 $25,447 $27,772
85,001 - 95,000
$22,167 $23,667 $24,892 $27,217
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