Calling it a "wearable" single-person vehicle, Toyota's PM "Personal Mobility" concept focuses on driver ergonomics so that the cabin and seat shape will fit the driver "almost like a glove." Its design steps away from more familiar shapes, and even includes antennae like headlamps making it look like some exotic life form. It features a variable "lifelike" posture, allowing the cabin and wheel structures to function separately, so the PM can vary its posture depending on speed, and to facilitate entry and exit. Inside, a floating virtual Space Touch holographic display senses driver finger position allowing touchless interface with vehicle data, interaction with other PMs, and additional info. Besides its unusual looks, it's a smart little bugger, able to communicate vehicle-to-vehicle with other PMs while they travel, so they can follow in platoons and rendezvous automatically. Move over Segway, there's a new personal conveyance in town.