Nissan has pushed its distinct corporate design to the next level with a sleek multipurpose vehicle (aka MPV) concept. Following a "Japanese DNA" theme, the six-passenger Serenity has numerous elements and shapes to appeal to the home market. For example, the unusual side glass is shape to remind of folding fans, and the front fascia is intended to recall Kabuki makeup. Likewise, the interior was inspired by elements such as ink paintings, cherry blossoms and wave-like patterns. Flexible interior gives the seats long sliding travel tracks with integrated ottomans. Each seating position has its own exclusive video monitor, and flat speakers that reduce sound leakage to adjacent seats are embedded in the head restraints. Nissan speaks of harmonious color, textures, shapes, and so on. End result, a funky wagon with some clever touches, cool technology, and the lauded VQ35 V-6 engine.