Acura explores enthusiast territory with this sharp TL project car, boosting power, improving handling, and bolstering its urban image. The most obvious changes include a two-inch wider stance, one-inch lower ride height, massive 21-inch wheels, more angular front fascia, and flashy grille. The rear features similar changes, with a sporty fascia, eye-catching exhaust tips, restyled decklid spoiler, and new taillight treatments. Internal modifications, augmented by high-flow intake and exhaust, elevate power from 270 hp to over 300 hp from the 3.2-liter V-6. While this demonstrates the TL's extreme potential, Acura now offers an A-Spec kit, complete with a track-tuned suspension, 18-inch wheel/tire combo, and full aerodynamic package. This kit is dealer-installed and covered by full factory warranty.