General Motors wowed the automotive community with a trio of sports cars unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show based on the new rear-wheel-drive Kappa architecture. This latest Greek-named platform will underpin the Pontiac Solstice shown in Motor City, and since then, Saturn has revealed that its Pininfarina-assembled Curve concept will go in to production in 2006. Built at the Wilmington, Delaware, manufacturing facility alongside the Solstice, the Curve is expected to offer a supercharged 2.2-liter/200-hp Ecotec four-cylinder engine paired with a Getrag five-speed manual for an engine/transmission combination similar to that found in the new 2004 Saturn ION Red Line. The Curve concept is built from fiberglass panels over a steel tube structure, and features roof pillars concealed by a wraparound canopy of glass to create the look of a "floating" roof panel. If the production model remains true to the concept, it will truly be a halo performance vehicle for Saturn.