The cross-branding alliance between Subaru and outdoor outfitters L.L. Bean that first brought us the Legacy-based Outback L.L. Bean edition will be extended to the Forester lineup for 2005. The new Forester 2.5XS L.L. Bean version comes equipped with the 210-hp turbocharged flat-four mated to a four-speed automatic transmission, four-wheel disc brakes and (of course) all-wheel-drive. As such, the Forester 2.5XS L.L. Bean is aimed squarely at the hunting, camping, and fishing set, with its wipe-clean beige seats (monogrammed with the Bean logo), a standard moonroof out of which to shoot birds, a hard, durable, waterproof finish on the cargo floor and rear seatbacks to keep the birds and fish from staining anything permanently, and a load-leveling suspension in case you bag your limit.