Emphasizing its functionality and fuel efficiency, Ford's Escape Hybrid was given an on-road mileage test wherein the little sport/utility was driven non-stop through the streets of Manhattan, taking on rush-hour traffic and congestion to show how far the electric hybrid vehicle could go on one tank of gas under severe driving conditions. After 37 hours of non-stop driving, the Escape Hybrid finally ran through its 15 gallons of fuel, averaging more than 38 miles per gallon. In a time when many drivers are asking for better fuel economy from their vehicles, the Escape Hybrid's four-cylinder gasoline engine combines with a 70-kilowatt traction motor generator to boost mileage while promising the performance of a traditional V-6 Escape, with near-zero hydrocarbon and oxides of nitrogen tailpipe emissions. In addition to the Escape Hybrid on sale this summer, Ford promises two other hybrid cars in its future lineup, including a 2007 Mercury Mariner hybrid SUV, as well as hybrid version of a mid-size sedan.