Nissan X-TRAIL Platinum

Nissan will feature the X-TRAIL, similar to the Nissan Xterra in the U.S., with a new package called the Platinum. Although having never made it to the U.S., the X-TRAIL SUV maintains a presence in other parts of the world. The X-TRAIL Platinum features new 18-in. alloy wheels, adding presence and styling. New Scratch Shield Paint adds a layer of protection from the elements. An eight-speaker Bose audio system with an added auxiliary input plug is also available for the X-TRAIL Platinum, allowing the use of MP3 players.

Read the full Press release below:

X-TRAIL Platinum

The new X-TRAIL Platinum, sales of which have just started across Europe , reinforce the X-TRAIL's natural strengths of comfort, practicality and dynamic performance. The updates to the X-TRAIL enhance the vehicle's premium qualities.

Externally, X-TRAIL is now available with Scratch Shield Paint, giving the exterior a degree of protection from light stone chips and damage typically sustained in a car wash. The X-TRAIL is the second vehicle in Nissan's European range to be thus equipped, after the Murano.

Scratch Shield Paint is a Nissan innovation and consists of a soft resin which regenerates its outer layer, returning the paint to its original condition over the period of several days.

More visibly, the top X-TRAIL Platinum will be fitted with new 18" alloy wheels, adding presence and style to the vehicle's appearance.

The X-TRAIL Platinum provides added appeal thanks to the availability of a bespoke Bose premium audio system. The Bose system delivers an audio experience of depth, clarity and subtlety thanks to a high performance eight-channel digital amplifier combined with nine precision speakers, including a woofer engineered to fit in the X-TRAIL's spare wheel well, specifically tuned to the acoustic properties of the X-TRAIL's interior. The Bose audio is also optional on the LE grade.An auxillary input plug has been added to all X-TRAILs in the central armrest storage compartment, allowing occupants to connect their MP3 player, while also leaving it hidden when they leave the vehicle.

Next generation ALL MODE
The next generation of Nissan's highly-regarded four-wheel drive transmission, ALL MODE 4x4-i, is a available on X-TRAIL. It has a rotary knob on the centre console offering a choice between two-wheel drive or Auto mode. Auto is regarded as the `default' mode: when driving at speeds of up to 80 km/h, the system constantly monitors throttle opening, engine speed and torque to anticipate wheel spin and to distribute torque between front and rear axles as needed. Above that speed, the system reacts to wheelspin, again shifting drive rearwards to restore traction as required.

Two Petrol and two diesel engines
X-TRAIL offers two levels of turbo-diesel power. The engines are versions of the highly regarded 2.0-litre M1D unit developed by Alliance partner Renault. Power outputs are 110kW (150hp), which increases to 127kW (173hp) when the engine is intercooled. Torque outputs are 320Nm and 360Nm respectively. Both engines are fitted with diesel particulate filters to minimise emissions.

Source: Nissan Europe