Skoda Yeti

Forget the get-rich-quick schemes, this Yeti isn't furry. Rather, it's the latest compact SUV from Skoda and made its world debut today in Geneva.

At 165 inches, the Yeti is full 11 inches shorter than a Chevrolet HHR, but features a similar boxy shape and upright seating position for better visibility. Seventeen-inch wheels give the exterior some flair while 62 cubic-feet of luggage space allow for nearly as much hauling ability as a Chevrolet HHR Panel Van, so long as you take the back seats out. It even comes with a cargo cover and convenient tie-downs for securing your load.

The Yeti has the HHR trumped in capability, though. Base models are front-wheel drive like the Chevy, but all other models come as 4x4s. Skoda didn't say if they were actual four-wheel-drive vehicles with transfer cases or all-wheel-drive vehicles, but it's more than likely that the vehicles are in fact all-wheel drive.

Base model Yetis will come with a 1.2L gasoline engine that makes 103 hp. Higher models will use a 1.8L gas engine making 158 hp and mated to the 4x4 powertrain. A 108-hp 2.0L diesel can be mated to either the front-drive or 4x4 powertrain, or a more powerful 2.0L 139-hp diesel can be had with the 4x4 system. The engine line-up tops out with a 167-hp 2.0L diesel with the 4x4 drivetrain.

Like all Skodas, you won't see the Yeti on U.S. streets. If you want to catch a picture of this beast, you'll have to take a trip to Europe.

Source: Skoda