Honda Odyssey Concept
By Motor Trend Editors

Honda has announced that it is bringing a concept version of its next-generation Odyssey minivan to the 2010 Chicago show, which will serve as an in-the-sheetmetal vision of the changes it is planning for its popular people mover.

The Odyssey, currently in its third generation (the 2010 model is pictured), has been a mainstay on American roads since its debut in 1995. Although only concept at Chicago, it's quite possible that the show vehicle will serve as a thinly disguised version of the next production model, which could reach dealers as soon as 2011.

As was the case with the present generation minivan, it's more than likely the next Odyssey will be completely different from the model sold in the Japan. Unlike the Japanese Odyssey, which is a low-slung, four-door tall-wagon, the North American version will probably continue to maintain the outgoing model's basic proportions. The next Odyssey will no doubt be targeting Toyota's all-new 2011 Sienna, which was recently unveiled at last November's Los Angeles auto show.

promo image First Look: Honda Odyssey Concept
Some concept vehicles are more production-viable than others and Honda's new Odyssey Minivan Concept looks like just about all it needs to hit the streets is a set of license plates.