Folks loved cars and trucks before new-vehicle sales fell off a cliff, and they seem to love them still today. Enthusiasts always want the biggest bang for their buck, car guys continue to love their hobby, and some of the most creative people on the planet go to the SEMA show each year to show off their newest project trucks. Sure, crowds and exhibitor numbers seemed down this year, but automotive inspiration and creativity were everywhere.

01. Fighting Rust with a Pulse
Corrosion will slowly destroy just about everything (with metal in it) you hold dear. You can use chemicals, but a safer way to fight rust is with a continuous electronic pulse. This is a good idea for any truck in the Rust Belt (and a quick install), but it's great for your trailer, which will likely spend much of its life sitting out in the elements.

Defender Plus

02. Climbing into Bed
Getting into the rear cargo area of your pickup truck has always been a problem. Attaching to the backside of your tailgate, the Stepdaddy Ladder is a 30-minute install, it folds up tight against the tailgate when not in use, and it doesn't take up any of the cargo bed area.

Stepdaddy Ladder

03. Tech 4 Your Rearend
Specially designed for hard-working pickup trucks that need to haul and pull the heaviest loads. The R4Tech replacement suspension kit combines the best of state-of-the-art airbag and leaf-spring suspension technology to keep your big pickup's rearend level and controlled.

Firestone Industrial

04. Instant Tandem Axle
Nobody likes to overload his truck's rearend, but it happens. The challenge is how to limit its dangerous effects. That's where the Stinger Hitch Helper comes in. Essentially a hitch-mounted tandem axle in single or dual wheel configurations, the Stinger helps safely displace a portion of the load in the truck, whether towing or hauling. Designed for Class III and IV hitches, the dual wheel setup costs about $1200.

Stinger Hitch

05. More Vision for Towing
We like simple solutions, especially ones that don't penalize us when we're towing. That's why we like this quick-attach, extendable mirror unit from Repusel that gives us all the extra vision we need when trailering our 4x4 but doesn't need to be there when we don't. The system is designed not to slip off the factory mirror or do any paint damage.