The Chevrolet Colorado Rally concept burst onto the scene at the Frankfurt auto show this week, looking good and coming well-equipped with several off-road goodies and safety equipment.

The all-wheel-drive midsize pickup sports 18-inch wheels with mud terrain tires, Fox Racing Shox shock absorbers, and a height-adjustable suspension system, while LED headlamps, and two additional lights on the roof and side mirrors light the way.

Acrylic rally-car windows with air inlets, front and rear tow hooks, and two 5.5-hp winches follow the off-roading theme. A newly-styled roll bar and exposed fuel cap contribute to the rugged look of the truck, while the load bay carries a spare tire and tool boxes for sticky situations.

A dark ash-gray color adorns the interior, offset by a silver roll cage and other metal accents. Other safety features include a master switch on the center stack that is capable of starting the engine and disconnecting every system in the truck in case of an emergency, five-point seatbelts that are attached to the roll cage, and a fire-extinguishing system. Hydration packs are conveniently placed behind the front seats, and an "air boost" system cleans out any dust from the cabin.

Chevrolet says the concept also comes equipped with a high-performance steering wheel that was designed for aggressive handling, and a satellite navigation system, but at the heart of it all is a 2.8-liter turbo-diesel engine.

The Colorado Rally concept is a preview of the products Chevrolet will be presenting worldwide in the near future.