Manufacturers like Jeep, Land Rover, and BMW's motorcycle division are heavily involved and participate in several activities. The celebrities of the show are, not surprisingly, those connected to the old Camel Trophy expeditions, as they embody in spirit and knowledge what overlanding is all about. This year, Jeep broughts interesting vehicles and a host of applicable Mopar accessories, in addition to engineering and corporate experts to address questions regarding current and future products. Such personal access to people who share attendees' enthusiasm and passion for this brand of outdoor adventure is probably the show's greatest strength.

2012 Overland Expo
Final details for the 2012 Overland Expo are in the works now, and the event will likely take place in late spring or early summer. To find out how to register, go to for information.

This year, Land Rover brought a full team of trainers to provide education and opportunity for those interested in being better 4x4 drivers and spotters. Attendees drove one of the eight Range Rovers on hand, or their own vehicles.