Hellion Power Systems Twin-Turbo Ford F-150 SVT Raptor

Some may feel Ford's off-road hero may be a little played out, but judging by the number of models we saw at this year's show, we'd say it's still as popular as ever. Even four years after its debut, there are new parts and accessories coming out for the Raptor every day, and we came across Hellion Power System's Raptor outside the show. Although Hellion is not the first company to strap a couple of snails to the Raptor's V-8, we like the artistic, yet straightforward underhood appearance of the kit, with twin turbos with a K&N filter on the intake end of each. We can imagine at full throttle, the combination of the air intake noise combined with the V-8 rumble is an awesome sound to behold.

Banks Power/Mike Ryan Freightliner Truck

We've covered a lot of the buildup and the competition of Mike Ryan's super-turbocharged Freightliner truck. In short, it's a massively powerful, massively large semi-truck with a twin-turbocharged and supercharged Detroit 60-series diesel engine. This truck is simply impossible to ignore. Its imposing size aside, it makes a deafening shriek at full throttle, combining the whine of the supercharger, the whistle of the turbos, and clatter of the diesel. Mike Ryan came ever so close to finishing the 2013 Pikes Peak International Hillclimb, but Mother Nature conspired against him, causing a spinout just short of the finish line, resulting in a minor wreck and causing a 30-second delay. Despite that setback, Ryan still managed to beat his own record from 2006 by 5 seconds. You can bet he'll be back next year, and we hope the weather will be more cooperative.

Chrome Gypsy Tattoo 1964 Ford Econoline

We're closet (or not so closet) van fans here at Truck Trend, so when we saw this sweet Econoline, we just had to include it. Built by Cleen Rock One customs, it channels a little bit of that '60s and '70s Mystery Machine vibe with some rockabilly attitude with the big-flake metallic accents and flames, side-pipe exhausts, and whitewall tires. The knockoff spinner wheels also add a classy retro touch. Even the roof wore impressive metal flake and custom pattern detail. Inside, the van had diamond-pattern quilted vinyl seats with an orange and green painted dashboard, and spray-coated lower console and doghouse. Chrome Gypsy Tattoo is a tattoo parlor in the Las Vegas area. Cleen Rock One happens to be both a custom car builder, tattoo artist, and owner of Chrome Gypsy.

PPG Finishes 1950 Chevrolet Kurbmaster

It may seem ironic that a company best known for its automotive paints would sponsor a mostly unpainted vehicle, but the company is represented with a clear expoxy finish and clearcoat that gives this vintage van its mirror-like shine. Representing PPG's more mainstream automotive finishes is a white painted roof. The van's utter simplicity is what makes this vehicle a show-stopper. The polished finish, chopper-style dual exhaust tips, and riveted body panels make a minimalist statement on customization. Based on a late-model GM half-ton chassis, the van is powered by a 5.3-liter Vortec V-8 backed by a GM four-speed automatic transmission.

TorqStorm Superchargers 1964 Chevrolet Corvair Van

Chevrolet Corvair vans are undeniably unique and cool, but with the stock air-cooled flat-six engines, they don't exactly rock you back in your seat with sheer power. But this one will. As if a 540-cubic-inch big-block Chevy V-8 doesn't give you enough power, the monster engine is fitted with two TorqStorm centrifugal superchargers. Feeding the beast is a FAST fuel injection system with a Holley fuel pump and MSD ignition system. Obviously, producing an estimated 1000 hp, air cooling won't cut it anymore, so a U.S. Radiator radiator and custom fan keep the monster engine cool. With the engine taking up the front third of the cargo bay, we don't know how useful this van is for hauling packages, but we're sure it's plenty useful for hauling tail.

Delta Lights 1934 Ford Pickup

This pickup is both crazy and subtle. As it was on display, with its scissor-lift bed extended to full height, theDelta Lights 1934 Ford got its fair share of attention. But with the bed lowered in driving position, and the hood down, it just looks like a clean, restomod hot-rod truck, complete with teal-painted wire wheels. The bed scissor lift is hydraulic, but the suspension is AirRide with a four-link rear suspension and a Ford 9-inch rear axle built by Hoppos Suspension of Ontario, California. Underhood is a B&M-supercharged small-block Chevy. If you look closer, you can see the halo LED surrounds on the vintage-style sealed-beam headlights, giving the rod and custom crowd this option that's become popular among the import and truck enthusiast segments. We'd never thought flat black and teal would go together, but the combination somehow works on this truck.

Reyna Bros. 2014 Chevrolet Silverado

We've featured a lot of vintage models on our list so far, but we can definitely appreciate a well-done late-model truck. This 2014 Chevrolet Silverado by Reyna Bros Designs of Georgetown, Texas, turned our head for its low-key custom details. One of the first things we noticed was the console shifter, something common in newer F-150s and Titans, but not offered from the factory on any GM truck. Looking at the interior of this truck, you'd think it was a factory install. Nearly every square inch of the interior is wrapped in Longhorns burnt-orange leather. Ironically accentuating the factory-like cleanliness of the interior is the airbag warning tag still hanging off the glovebox door. Any doubts the 2014 Silverado could make the basis of a bold, eye-catching custom are answered with this build.

Honorable Mentions

Lewis Milinich 1967 GMC Pickup

Once again, cleanliness and simplicity make a statement. This 1967 GMC is the definition of a clean, classic custom truck. Although it tucks big, deep-dish rims, there are no hood cut-outs for clearance, and the bed is properly raised and finished with wood and polished metal. The interior is simple but clean with a painted dash and round gauges, a billet steering wheel and column, twin bucket seats, and a custom upholstered center console with the audio head unit and suspension switches. The truck's relatively understated appearance belies what are probably countless hours of fabrication and finish work that went into making this masterpiece. Lewis Milinich Auto Body of Hanford, California, is responsible for most of the body and paint work on this beauty.

Bestop 1995 Jeep Wrangler YJ

There were dozens, if not hundreds of JK Wranglers at this year's SEMA show in various stages of customization and modification, and even a few TJs, a favorite of off-roaders for its four-wheel coil spring suspension. But rarely anymore do you see much attention paid to the tweener Wrangler YJ. Besides its controversial (at the time) rectangular headlights, the YJ was halfway between the aging CJ and the retro-looking, but modern-chassis TJ. Even though the YJ may not get much love from the Jeep faithful, Bestop showcased one of the best examples of a YJ we've seen in a while. This model has plenty of tasty off-road goodies, including a NP-241 transfer case from a TJ Rubicon, Motive Gear 4.56 ring and pinions in Dana 44 axles, ARB air lockers, an an on-board compressor for the lockers and for tire inflation. Bestop pitched in the front and rear bumpers, mirrors, Trailmax II seats, floor liners, and a limited-edition blue soft top.