The 2013 SEMA Show carries on the tradition of the world's largest automotive aftermarket trade show in grand style, with cars, trucks and SUVs in nearly every stage of modification and taste. All of the expected genres were represented: Muscle cars old and new, trucks, SUVs, ultra-luxury cars, if your definition of luxury depends on the diameter of your wheels, and naturally, thousands of new products and accessories.

Among the big trends we saw at the 2013 SEMA show were LED lighting in all forms, from grille and roof-mounted light bars, to taillights, off-road lights and "angel eye" driving lights. A few years ago, matte paint finishes were all the rage, and while matte is still well-represented in the aftermarket, we also saw plenty of patina-finished classics with just a hint of rust to give them that air of rough-edged legitimacy. We also saw plenty of brushed-metal finishes, of both the vinyl applique and bare metal variety.

Dominating among trucks and SUVs this year were the Ford F-Series, specifically the F-150, Raptor and Raptor look-alikes, and Wranglers galore. There were also plenty of classic Jeeps from World War II era, through the 1980s and current models. We also saw some international-market Toyotas that caught our eye, including several Hilux trucks, and a 70-series Land Cruiser from Australia. So check out our gallery of this year's show in all its weird, wonderful glory.

Chevrolet Trucks of SEMA 2013

To nobody's surprise, the 2014 Chevrolet Silverado had a huge presence at this year's show. All the usual upgrades were shown for the truck, including lighting, performance, suspension, and appearance accessories.

At the GM booth, there was also a cleanly restored 1978 K15 Silverado truck with a 5.3-liter E-Rod crate engine swap. With the rugged, classic styling of the '73-'87 trucks with modern Vortec power, we can't think of a much better combination. Even the forthcoming 2015 Silverado HD was at the show, appropriately enough shown towing a COPO Camaro.