Saturn Vue Green Line 2 Mode Hybrid

GM's 2 Mode hybrid system, first introduced for the company's full-size SUVs, will now be available in the Vue. This is the first front-drive vehicle in GM's lineup to have the 2 Mode option--and also is the smallest. The system, co-developed with BMW and the former DaimlerChrysler, features regenerative braking and electric-only power from two 55-kilowatt electric motors at low speed. Higher speeds prompt the use of the Green Line's high-feature, direct-injection 3.6-liter V-6 (257 horsepower, 248 pound-feet). The Green Line is said to have 50 percent better fuel economy than the gas-only V-6, and will offer a range of more than 500 miles and max towing capacity of 3500 pounds. Production is scheduled to begin in late 2008.