Suzuki X-Head Concept

Beyond looking like a miniature dump truck, the X-Head features an adaptive bed that can be fitted with a number of modules that serve different purposes. For example, a "Camper" module provides enough sleeping room for two adults, a "Fashion" module provides "stylish urban mobility"(whatever that means), and a "Rescue" module is equipped for, well, rescue operations in various conditions.

The X-HEAD is a cross-utility vehicle that offers unprecedented possibilities. With DNA reflecting the rough-road performance and toughness of the Jimny and Grand Vitara (Escudo) and the load-carrying capability of the Carry, it's the epitome of functional dependability and fun. Its name signifies diverse new potential for accommodating the lifestyles and priorities of users.

A key feature of the X-HEAD is that it can hold various load-bed units for diverse purposes. For instance, it can hold a unit called the Camper, which allows two adults to sleep in comfort, a unit called the Fashion, which provides stylish urban mobility, or a unit called the Rescue, which is designed for rescue operations in a wide range of road conditions.