Citroen C3 Picasso

Citroen's redesigned C3 Picasso MPV is a new take on the unique styling usually associated with the French automaker. The design language, with its large windows, bigger headlights and taillights, and chevron grille, is expected to be integrated throughout the brand's lineup in coming years. Key to the so-called "baby MPV's" character is its blending of SUV and minivan elements into what Citroen hails as a new, revolutionary type of car. Unique on the car are A-pillars that incorporate a see-through glass element, allowing passengers to have an expansive view of the road ahead. The large, bulbous front windshield, split-rear glass doors, and available panoramic roof also contribute to the light, airy atmosphere.

According to Citroen, the car is "small outside, big inside." Within the cabin, passengers are welcomed by high-quality leather and trim usually reserved for upper-segment cars. An advanced multimedia system complete with Bluetooth and iPod connectivity dutifully keeps occupants entertained. Thanks largely in part to the Picasso's "wink"-shaped cluster, all passengers have access to the center-console buttons. Engineers put much focus on insulating the cabin for a quiet ride to exploit the car's sound system. Under the small front hood is one of four new efficient and low-emission engines developed in conjunction with BMW. Two gas-powered engines (VTi95 and VTi120) and two diesel choices (HDi90 and HDi110 DPFS) will be offered to customers once the car hits Europe next year. No exact power figures were available as yet, but they are expected at the vehicle's Paris show debut.