Citroen Hypnos Concept

Citroen's reputation for creating some of the most unique concepts to hit the auto-show circuit continues with the marque's latest advanced hybrid concept called Hypnos CUV, which blends design elements from a coupe, sedan, and SUV into one long, low-slung and environmentally friendly package. The cabin features a multicolored seating arrangement that, in conceptual form, hardly resembles an interior configuration at all. Officially, the interior space was created to take the Hypnos's passengers "into the realm of pure magic." Now that's something we're going to have to check out. What exactly is under the hood remains largely unknown, but it's understood the car will employ Citroen's latest advanced hybrid powertrain said to appropriately match its futuristic looks. Together with a yet undisclosed fossil-fuel-powered engine, the electric motor is expected to produce around 200 hp and achieve 50-plus mpg. Should a production model make it to the market in the coming years, the French automaker hopes to contend in the midsize luxury-SUV segment against the likes of the newly introduced Infiniti FX and BMW X6.