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Maybe now Ford can produce a 4X4 that can revive the popularity of the original Bronco. Remember "Peppy" in "Romancing the Stone"? Ever since that movie Ford has seemed hellbent on pulling the Bronco's teeth and making a suburban station wagon.Each line of cars needs a "marque" vehicle. They're not meant for the masses but for the people that appreciate the vehicle's qualities. The masses will follow for the milk-toast versions.This technology should go into the whole line. At first as a Prius Beater, Hybrid F-150/Bronco and perhaps a hi-performance all electric GT-40 then as the only kind of drive train that Ford sells.This is a chance for Ford to stop following everyone else and step out in front! It's been a looonnnng wait since the GT-40 and Shelby AC Cobra.Question is how long will Ford wait to introduce this truck and other vehicles with the same technology in their show rooms? Or, will they sit on it until everyone else has introduced it and their sales are plunging, again?

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