Jeep Patriot EV and Jeep Wrangler Unlimited EV

Last September, Chrysler took the automotive world by surprise with its unveiling of a trio of electric vehicles. Now, the ENVI trio has picked up a fourth partner in green in the form of the Jeep Patriot EV, becoming the second electrified Jeep in the mix.

Like the Wrangler EV, the Patriot EV uses an electric motor to drive the wheels for up to 40 miles before the batteries are depleted to 30% of their maximum charge. At that point, a small gasoline engine kicks on to generate electricity to drive the wheels for a maximum combined range of 400 miles. However, where the Wrangler (and Town & Country EV, with which shares the same componentry) both use a 94-hp gasoline engine and 200kW (268 hp) electric motor, the Patriot EV makes do with a 60-hp gasoline engine and 150kW (200 hp) electric motor, but still achieves the same range.

Despite being down on power, Chrysler says the Patriot EV's performance is on par with its stable mates. It will hit 60 mph in approximately eight seconds, run the quarter-mile in the low-sixteen second range and hit a top speed "greater than 100 mph." That reportedly makes it slightly quicker than the Wrangler EV. Chrysler has not released the Patriot or Wrangler EV's curb weight, so we can't be sure if the vehicle has been lightened substantially to allow it to keep up with the Wrangler despite its power disadvantage. Like all three other ENVI vehicles, the Patriot EV utilizes regenerative braking technology to recover as much energy from braking as possible, as much as 85% according to Chrysler.

To differentiate the Patriot and Wrangler EVs from standard Jeeps, Chrysler has fitted unique wheels on it, as well as roof racks with low-profile fog lights. Both the Patriot and Wrangler EVs also receive an ENVI Green Pearl paint job and large EV graphics on their sides, as well as ENVI badges. Chrysler says the Patriot EV will recharge from a standard 110-volt electrical socket, though it hasn't said how long the recharge time will be, only that it can be halved by using a 220-volt socket instead.