2011 Nissan Quest

The 2011 Nissan Quest is a vehicle that apes the squared-off Nissan Forum concept car of 2008. The exterior is a marked departure from the rounded body of the last Quest, with a high beltline and what appears to be a pretty long wheelbase. Inside, Nissan moved the gauge cluster back where it belongs -- leaving behind memories of the center-mounted controls of the last-gen Quest -- and added Nissan/Infiniti's familiar infotainment system.

We're still waiting on information regarding powertrain options, but we know Nissan has a plentiful supply of engines to compete against the new 2011 Toyota Sienna and Honda Odyssey.

Though our first glimpse of the Quest came at the New York Auto Show last spring, we haven't received much in the way of updates until now. The Quest bowed out of the market for 2010, for a variety of reasons, but we're interested to see how the new one will play against the new Sienna and Odyssey.