1955 Chevrolet E-Rod Pickup
Blending modern drivability and effiency with classic looks, this 1955 E-ROD pickup is a stunning replica of the classic 1955 Chevrolet Pickup, but updated with design cues from today’s Silverado. Created using the new Dynacorn truck body, this roadster-inspired vehicle features a blended green metallic pearl exterior with period-correct styling, including 17-inch wheels and a wooden bed floor. It also features a few subtle custom touches like its grille, hidden fuel door, and smoothed trim. The interior continues the vintage feel with period-correct custom instrument panel, steering wheel, and seating.

The ’55 E-ROD also provides the power you’d expect in a Chevrolet Pickup. It features the new 5.3-liter E-ROD crate engine from GM Performance Parts (GMPP) – the same engine offered in the Silverado lineup. It is rated at 315-horsepower and 335 lb.ft. of torque; and it features camshaft phasing. The technology actively advances or retards the camshaft timing to optimize power, efficiency, and emissions across the entire rpm band. This enables you to cruise the highways of America in style with strong, compromise-free, and environmentally conscious performance.

This pickup also features a GMPP 4L65-E automatic transmission, GMPP SuperMatic Transmission controller, Lowing springs, 9.5-inch rear axel, with limited-slip differential and 4.10 gears, and custom radiator.

Source: Chevrolet