1970 Ford Bronco
Owned and Driven by Edsel B. Ford II and Sons

Introduced in 1966 and built on a unique 92-inch wheelbase platform, the iconic first-generation Ford Bronco carved a niche for itself as a nimble and capable off-road vehicle. These rugged compact SUVs have a loyal and passionate following among hardcore automotive enthusiasts including Edsel Ford and his sons who still enjoy driving this carefully restored 1970 Bronco.

This vehicle was originally released from the factory on October 25, 1969 with a boxwood green exterior. This Bronco was first sold by Farber Ford in Grass Valley, California and it was acquired by Mr. Ford from Extreme Automotive in El Cajon, California on or about June 4, 1999. The engine was replaced with a Ford Racing 302 crate motor, similar to the original 302 Windsor V8 that was the biggest and baddest power plant available in the first generation Bronco. Nearly every part had been lovingly rebuilt, replaced or completely restored at least once to keep this little Bronco looking so great and ready to tackle any trail or any road.

As a side note, this may be the best educated Ford Bronco in America have gone to college with three of Edsel’s sons. It attended Dartmouth, the University of Virginia and Miami University and next year, it may be off to Georgetown University.

Source: Ford

Here is another great Ford Bronco in the Ford booth at SEMA.