Jeep NuKizer 715
Not many people know it, but in Egypt, there's a Jeep plant that manufactures a basic Jeep for military use, called the J8. The J8 has straight axles, leaf springs and a small diesel engine. Today there are no Jeep pickups in North America, no diesel Jeeps, and no military Jeeps. But there was once the Kaiser M-715, with an iconic look Mopar engineers decided to revive in the NuKizer 715 concept, which you see here. To replicate the Kaiser, the Mopar team got their hands on a military-issue J8, stretched the frame, cut the cabin and added a pickup box, borrowing pieces from an American Expedition Vehicles body kit.

An Atlas II transfer case sends power through Tom Woods driveshafts to custom Dynatrac Dana 44 and Dana 60 axles set up with 5.38 gears, manual hubs, and ARB lockers at both ends. The front clip is a carbon-fiber piece that emulates the original M-715. It's all freshly painted in glossy industrial gray. The unique soft top was sewn to spec by Bestop. Tires are 38-inch BFG MTs on Hutchinson beadlock wheels, housed by huge round fenders. The front anti-roll bar is a dual-rate TeraFlex street/trail unit; shocks are Bilsteins.

The engine is a version of the 2.8 VM Motori turbodiesel, a four-cylinder common-rail engine once offered in the Liberty. It's been tuned for higher output, now yielding something in the area of 400 pound-feet, we were told. Whatever the number, the Nukizer has plenty of power, enabling it to rip around sand dunes and idle up hills with ease.

Nifty custom treatments abound. In the bed, the spare tire is stowed in a recessed pocket behind the cab, flanked by a Warn compressor and a fuel canister. Bumpers at both ends are custom, fitted with a pintle hook at the rear and a Warn 9.5XP winch up front. Tubular rock rails were fabricated with a ventilated step blending the interface between body and fenders.