xB All Stretched Out by Cartel
And there's the limo above. This stretched-wheelbase xB is extended 48 inches and fitted with a custom air suspension from Cartel for a comfortable ride. The wheels are 20-inch DeModa Aviators and the 80-inch suicide doors will surely make for dramatic ingress and egress. Light bolt-on modifications include an intake, header, and exhaust while passengers will be treated to a custom leather interior, libations bar, and 2600-watt Alpine entertainment and sound system.

Battle of the Builds xB by The Salty Dogs
With the faux rivets, portholes, crashing waves, and squid tentacles wrapped along this xB's side, we believe the theme here is submarine. It'll stay on land though, and the xB is equipped with Tein coil-overs, 19-inch TSW Caldwell wheels, carbon-fiber body pieces, custom interior, and a full sound and video system with LED lighting. The highlight is, of course, the crazy paint scheme.