SUV makers look at Texas with great interest-this is the single biggest market for Ford, Chevy, and Dodge pickups in the U.S. Even in difficult times, it's not uncommon for Texas to sell 20 percent of the nation's pickup trucks in a given month. And that's why the State Fair of Texas is always a special event. During the course of the month-long event, more than three million people will walk the fairgrounds outside Dallas, which include a built-in auto show as part of the yearly festivities. Some (mostly Texans) argue because of the huge attendance numbers, this is the largest auto show in the world.

This year's State Fair auto show did have its highlights, not the least of which were the debut of the all-new 2011 Ford Super Duty, the first public viewing of the new 2010 Dodge Ram HDs, and the introduction of the restyled and reengineered Toyota 4Runner. We've spent quite a bit of seat time in the Ram HD (a Motor Trend 2010 Truck of the Year contender) and 4Runner. You can read stories about both elsewhere in this issue. As for the Ford Super Duty, you'll have to wait a little longer (as will we) for driving impressions.

We couldn't help but notice General Motors had no future news to report at the event, making it the conspicuous no-show there. We know the 2011 Chevy and GMC Heavy Duty trucks are just around the corner, and we hear they'll have quite a few changes in the powertrain and chassis arenas, but we're guessing GM has been a bit preoccupied lately. However, there was plenty to see at this year's State Fair. Here are a few of the stories behind the highlights.