Sportsmobile West used its last Park City rally to show off its highest priority, the Atlas T-case-based 4x4 system. This time, the company introduced its latest interior configuration: the Transformer. Like the kid's toy of the same name, the interior of the Transformer can be quickly reconfigured to meet a variety of needs. Only the combined sink/refrigerator/electric power cabinet is fixed, while the bench seat and rear bed platform are easily removed to create a fully open interior. Equipped with an industrial rubber floor, it can be the work truck on weekdays that's easily transformed into the weekend watersport hauler or camper, ready for work Monday morning.

This year's rally featured an increased number of off-road trailers, many made by Sportsmobile. Equipped with articulating hitches, van-matching tires, and a heavy-duty suspension, they're customized almost as much as their tow vans to carry kayaks, canoes, or bikes. One was set up as a mobile communications center with a motorized Internet satellite dish, and a few were South African-made safari rigs, complete with trailer-top tents, propane ovens, freezers, and the even the obligatory English tea set.

With seven successful events to date, each in a spectacular location, the one question on everyone's mind was, "Where are we going for number eight?"