Jeep Truck Returns
Jeep's main street display had the previously shown Gladiator concept in it, where it remained roped off. But the J-T (Jeep Truck) concept was a genuine driver, went everywhere, and got as many thumbs-up as the others combined.

Sporting classic Jeep pickup lines and ultra-low-impact style, the J-T is one of those concepts that begs comments like "ya gotta build this" and "it's a no-brainer." Hearing-aid beige (why couldn't this be the color's official name?) covers almost all of it including the solid steel wheels, and it even has a rendition of the round "4-Wheel Drive" badge painted on the tailgate.

The J-T is built on a Wrangler Unlimited chassis using existing side bodywork from military applications; you could do the same with a four-door by welding the back doors shut but you wouldn't have the flat-floor five-foot bed of the J-T. The removable top is fiberglass and leaves plenty of space for tall occupants in the standard Wrangler seating positions. As testament to the dumpster-diving involved with these projects, the J-T uses right-hand-drive-market H4 headlights.

Bolt-on parts include a three-inch Superlift kit, 35-inch mud tires, Mopar rear bumper and rock rails, and Ramsey 9500 UT winch. The simplicity stood out, even when parked next to a J20 or Commando.

While the J-T hadn't even been seen by most Jeep executives, V.P. of Jeep/truck design Ralph Gilles did visit Moab with it. Production queries elicited the standard "no comment," but Gilles did allow that the J-T was getting "lots of love" as it cruised the trails around Moab. If you weren't in Moab and want to share the love, go to and tell them what "no-brainer" means. If you can make the business case for them, they'll build it.