Ask just about anyone in the custom car and truck arena, and he will more than likely tell you Custom Sound's Texas Heatwave in Austin, is the Lone Star State's biggest and best show of all time. 2009 marked the 20th anniversary of this Texas icon, and it is still going strong.

Despite the brutal Texas heat, the turnout for this year's event at Travis County Expo was record breaking. Spectators and participants filled the grounds to capacity. The show always draws some of the biggest custom shops from Texas and surrounding areas, such as Extensive, Hills Hotrods, and Maxwell Auto Designs, who were eager to present some of their latest creations and projects. The judges definitely had their work cut out for them this year!

One of our personal favorites at this year's show was Robin Moody's 1971 Toyota Hilux. The well-deserving Hilux took lst in class at this year's show. This classic mini was rescued, and Robin and his wife spent hours buffing out the oxidation from years of neglect. Robin decided on a timeless-looking wheel for the Hilux and went with the 17x7.0 Centerline Boulevards wrapped in 215/40 Hankooks.

With an already rare truck in the show-truck scene, Robin decided to deviate from the trend of the typical air ride suspension and opted for a two-pump, four-dump hydraulic setup. To make the truck layout, he paired six-inch cylinders and heavily modified upper and lower control arms in the front. In the rear of the truck, Nfamus air suspension, of Mansfield, Texas, installed a four-link setup with 10-inch cylinders. To power this show-stopping mover, Robin picked up four Optima yellow-top batteries.

The Hilux also boasts a spun aluminum 13-gallon gas tank with built-in gauge. Another distinctive touch is the frame, which was sanded down for a bare-metal look. To keep some of the nostalgia of the 1971 Toyota, the interior is original, with the exception of a Kenwood deck, Sony Mobile ES 6.5-inch components, housed in a custom fiberglass kick-panel pods.

In addition to the massive car show, spectators got to see a great concert. West Coast superstar, Ice Cube, headlined the show and did not disappoint. Other events included a bikini contest, burnout contest, monster trucks, USACi audio competition, and a hydraulic contest. There were vendors everywhere, offering deals on anything from rims to cable television. Attendees also offered got the achance to take a scenic ride in a helicopter for only $30 a person. The helicopter blades gifted the audience with a slight relief from the heat by producing a nice breeze.

Texas Heatwave was a great experience, filled with awesome cars and trucks, fun activities, fantastic vendors, and plenty of entertainment. This production is definitely a "can't miss" show! We are already anticipating an even greater 21st next summer. For more information on this show, as well as a forum, please visit