Divco Milk Trucks
What could be more fun than a perfectly restored period-correct Divco milk truck? Two of them. Parked together, and displayed with plenty of milkman paraphernalia were a light-duty 1948 Divco, and a heavier-duty dually 1965 model. The Divco truck was built by the Detroit Industrial Vehicle COmpany and its successors from 1926 through 1986, and utilized the same basic design for its entire life (only the VW Beetle was produced in essentially the same form for longer). For more info, www.divco.org

1950 International stake truck
We admire the way this truck's bodywork has remained largely unchanged, while raking the suspension and painting it Prowler Orange lends plenty of attitude. Power comes from a 372 Dart engine with a 6-71 blower and nitrous injection. The rear axle is a narrowed with HRP 9-inch carrier gears, Strange axles, and Compete Air Ride and the rims are Billet Specialties Vintecs, 4.0 x 15 in front, 15.0 x 15 in back, wearing Mickey Thompson radials. We love all the wood trim, especially the rear wing. Imagine how angry any air hitting that wing would be after flowing over and around that upright cab!

1942 WWII Jeep Warrior
A plaque near this slick black V-8-powered Jeep proclaimed that it was built by David R. Sellers in tribute to all members of the U.S. Armed Services past and present who have made it possible for him to pursue his dreams. We especially love the star-spoke wheels with their five-star hubs.

1936 Ford Australia Ute
Way before the Ranchero and El Camino were glimmers in the eyes of their Yank Ford and Chevy designers, the car nose and cab with a pickup bed concept was well established in Oz, albeit often with some vestige of a back seat. This one started life as one of 118 Australian Ford Utes built in 1936. It was found in derelict condition, missing most of its parts after several failed restoration attempts. Then it was shipped to Gerald's Hot Rods in Indiana and transformed into what you see now. Power comes from a GM 454 crate motor making 502 hp, mated to a 5-speed 700 R-4 transmission.