For those fortunate enough to have a full-size truck, several camper manufacturers were on hand with the latest pop-up designs. Some even have full bathrooms with a small shower. If the weather gets rough, truck campers give you the option of closing the door, cooking dinner, and relaxing with a good book and a glass of wine while the rain pitter-patters on the roof.

Only slightly larger, our own Turtle V with its European-designed Tortuga Expedition Camper was on display. Built on a Ford F-550 4x4, it has all the comforts of home with the mobility and load capacity of a full-size American pickup truck.

Borrowing ideas from European expedition camper manufacturers such as Unicat, Alu-Star, and Langer & Bock, the Tortuga Expedition Vehicle saves precious space with a collapsible bed and by incorporating an inside shower and a slide-out Porta Potti in the doorway, an area overlooked and always open in any small camper.

Still not comfortable enough? Move up to the new GXV Patagonia powered by a 351-horse Cummins. Fully loaded with 300 gallons of diesel (75 gallons of gasoline for the motorcycle or ATV you're carrying), 125 gallons of water, and more, its weight can push its GVWR of 33,000 pounds given its 31-foot length and 152-inch height.

Want even more room? Check out the three-bedroom EcoRoamer. This unique custom 4x4 Ford F-650, powered by a 350-horse Cat C7 7.3-liter engine, stretches 33 feet bumper to bumper, with a height close to 13 feet. Its 130-gallon fuel capacity will take you to your favorite campsite, but it gets only 6-7 mpg, so you might want to fill up before leaving the blacktop. Amenities include 150 gallons of water, a full bathroom, two refrigerators and a large freezer, plus an all-electric kitchen, all powered by eight solar panels on the roof, twin military 200-amp alternators, eight 162-pound 8D Lifeline batteries, and a diesel generator. It may be bigger than your house -- and possibly heavier. With each of the 275-pound, 46-inch-diameter Michelin 445 tires (plus two spares), the EcoRomer tips the scales at 34,000 pounds. Owners and designers Jay Shapiro and Alice Gugelev and their two children plan on touring the world in the EcoRoamer while they promote their Muskoka Foundation. They are on the road right now.