South San Diego-based team, MasterCraft Racing, overcame injuries, disqualifications, and faulty engine components to finish second and seventh in the Terrible's Primm 300 race near Las Vegas, Nevada.

Coming off a massive crash a few weeks prior, MasterCraft CEO, owner, and driver, Robbie Piece, piloted his No. 30 truck over some of Nevada's most demanding terrain for around 137 miles, or one lap of the course. By the time he jumped out of the cockpit and allowed co-driver Mike Julson to take over, the team gained three positions and was 50 seconds behind race leader, Jesse Jones.

Jones matched Pierce's blistering pace and continued on to finish second overall and in the Trophy Truck category with a time of 4 hours/50 minutes/8 seconds. Amazingly, the duo suffered no mechanical damage and never punctured a tire.

MasterCraft's other ride, the No. 42 trophy truck piloted by Will J. Staats, started in 27th position and fought hard to match No. 30's run. After one lap, all was going as planned, but on the second lap, a failed crank position sensor set the otherwise sportscar-quick race truck into limp mode. Staats managed to make his way to the team's second pit where mechanics repaired the sensor and set him on his way. He, along with co-driver Greg Shapiro, finished 11th overall and seventh in the trophy truck set.

The team's No. 20 entry was disqualified by Nevada State Bureau of Land Management officials after driver Rob MacCachren and Robbie Pierce undertook what they called pre-race testing of a new truck. Under SCORE and BLM rules, this constituted an illegal prerunning of the course, and as a result, MacCachren and his truck were banned from running the race.

Source: MasterCraft Racing

Photos by: Jason Zindroski