One of the largest off-road endurance rally events in the world doesn't get a whole lot of coverage in the United States, but that needle will likely move more with the inception of Team USA in the mix.

Team USA is representing the nation in the South American race and has sent the purebred Ford F-150 SVT Raptor to mix it up. The event covers over 5500 miles of extreme altitude changes from Argentina to Chile, and it runs from January 1 through 16. Veteran Darren Skilton will be at the helm alongside longtime automotive journalist Sue Mead. And of course, General Tire's General Grabber tires will be responsible for keeping the SVT Raptor on the ground and getting it through the finish line.

"This is an exciting sponsorship for General Tire," said Travis Roffler, General Tire's director of marketing. "We've made a major come-back in motorsports in the past few years, and sponsoring Team USA at the Dakar Rally is just another step in the plan. With the reported 4.1 million spectators and 2.2 billion television viewers the event had last year, this is the ultimate off-road sponsorship opportunity for us."

The SVT Raptor will also have some friendly company from home in the form of Robby Gordon's Hummer H3.

Source: General Tire