It's been dubbed by some as the "toughest one-day off-road race in the world." We're talking about the grueling King of the Hammers off-road competition held every year in Johnson Valley, California. What originated as an informal competition among friends with the prize being a case of beer, has evolved into one of the most competitive and highly-anticipated off-road racing events in the U.S.

For the second time in the race's eight year history, Farmington, New Mexico, native Loren Healy won the overall title. Healy also won the event in 2010. Despite suffering a blown-out axle shaft and a punctured radiator, Healy was able to take first place in the Ultra 4 class.

Heavily favored was two-time King of the Hammers champion Shannon Campbell. Although Campbell qualified fifth for the race's starting order, the infamous Backdoor section took out his rig, and transmission troubles ultimately forced him out of the race. Campbell's son Wayland suffered a broken axle shaft, but ended up finishing 15th overall.

Off-road veteran John Currie won the 4500 Rubicon Express modified class for the third consecutive time in the Everyman Challenge. Television celebrity host Jessi Combs won in the inaugural 4700 Spec Class. Click on the link below for more in-depth coverage of the 2014 King of the Hammers competition.

Source: Dirt Sports

Place Name Vehicle # Adjusted Time
1 Loren Healy 67 8:03:25
2 Tony Pellegrino 4485 8:18:42
3 Bill Baird 5252 8:23:37
4 Jake Hallenbeck 4775 8:27:29
5 Derek West 4420 8:29:34
6 Rick Mooneyham 554 9:01:10
7 Tom Wayes 321 9:05:21
8 Alex Hardaway 4481 9:08:42
9 Randy Slawson 4448 10:03:43
10 Andrew McLaughlin 4493 10:23:17