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Giovanna Escalade:

What You See Is What You Get

Hoyt Vandenberg
Sep 17, 2002
Photographers: Steve Warner
Giovanna's approach to building a truck is similar to the company's stated goals for building wheels: Present the world with an overwhelming selection of the absolute best quality and most desirable styles on the market today and tomorrow. Innovations of aggressive fitments, cutting-edge designs, and massive 21-, 22-, and 23-inch wheels set a path for others to follow.

Judging from the appearance of the Giovanna Escalade, there will be plenty of others following its path to a sleek, clean, and customized sport utility vehicle that stands out in a sea of unremarkable trucks on the road. The key to the Giovanna approach seems to be understated elegance and really massive, attention-grabbing chrome wheels. There is no mile-long list of aftermarket parts or modification procedures to list here.
Retaining factory-stock reliability and driveability and at the same time creating an aggressive, cutting-edge appearance are more than enough to get the job done. Just one look at this Caddy on the road tells you the driver or owner knows what he wants in a custom vehicle and has it covered. Style, performance, comfort, and convenience are all highly valued characteristics in the real world, and the Giovanna Escalade has it all. You can easily see how the trend developed when you consider previous Giovanna show vehicles that have traveled along this same customized, but understated route, including versions of a GMC Denali, BMW X5, Lincoln Navigator, Range Rover, Mercedes CL 500, and Jaguar XKR.
Designed as a display and show vehicle, Giovanna took delivery of one of the very first stock '02 Cadillac SUVs and transformed it in just three months with help from MA Audio, West Coast Customs, Toyo Tires, and E&G Classics. The most outstanding feature of the Escalade is obviously the giant chrome-plated 23x10-inch Giovanna Attack wheels wrapped with correspondingly huge Toyo Proxes tires, measuring P305/40R23.
The Giovanna Attack is available in 23x10- or 20x10-inch sizes in bright chrome. Giovanna chose its 23-inch Attack for the Escalade for standout good looks and because the 23-inch-diameter wheel combined with the 40-series Toyo Proxes tire is relatively close to the factory stock overall tire and wheel diameter. This setup helped retain the Cadillac's smooth ride and stability with road feel and handling being enhanced due to the larger tread patch contacting the road surface. The only other visible exterior modification on the Caddy is an E&G Classics chrome Escalade grille that nicely highlights the overall stealthy look of the big black SUV.
Modification to the luxurious Cadillac's light-gray leather interior consists of a serious audio/video system wired by West Coast Customs in Inglewood, California. West Coast Customs installed a Panasonic DVD CX-DV 7004 head unit and six MA Audio video screens. Two 5-inch screens reside in the flip-down front visors, and four more 7-inch screens were mounted in the back of the seat headrests. Six video screens and an ultra-clean installation resulted in an interior that is as functional as it is custom. Nothing was compromised, only enhanced.
The purpose of the black beauty pictured on these pages is form with function. We suspect that this approach to customization will catch on in a big way as more enthusiasts follow the trend that the Giovanna Escalade set. For more information on the Giovanna Wheels line of wheels, contact (800) 307-8708 or visit the Web site at


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