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1948 Chevy Pickup - Readers' Rides

Sport Truck Readers Rides

John O'Neill
Jan 1, 2004
Photo 2/2   |   1948 Chevy Pickup pacer Claw Wheels
Quality TimeWho: Josh Fox Where: Hodge, Louisiana What: The Coolest Truck - Ever Most of us had to wait a few decades before we were able to jump into our dream truck. Josh Fox of Hodge, Louisiana, however, had to wait his entire life; fortunately for him, he's only six years old. Since the time Josh was able to walk, he's loved all kinds of workhorses: tractors, bulldozers, dump trucks, back hoes, and his all time favorite, monster trucks. Josh's father, Steven - our candidate for Father of the Year - was able to make his son's monster truck dreams come true.
It all started while driving on the interstate one day. They passed a swing set company, and out in front of the building was a giant wooden tractor. When they pulled over to check it out, Steven's wife took one look at him and said, "You could do this, couldn't you?" Steven sat down and drew up some plans and had some carpenter friends look them over. As soon as they gave him the thumbs up, he headed straight for the lumber yard.
Jay Roberts of Stuart C. Irby Co. in Monroe donated the four wire spools, which were used in combination with 3/4-inch treated plywood and 1x4-inch treated lumber to create the massive wheels. The frame and suspension were created using 2x4- and 4x4-inch lumber. The body is a combination of 3/4-inch plywood and 1x4-inch lumber.
A friend of the family, Daryl Hollis, put together the blower and carburetor stack that sits above the hood. To make sure Josh could get into the beast, Steven put together two ladders on each side and attached a cargo net that he bought at Wal-Mart to the tail of the truck.
Once the truck was constructed, Steven and Josh spent some time on the Internet looking at paintjobs until Josh found one that he liked. After Josh decided on the paintjob, they grabbed some paint and flamed his monster truck from nose to tail.
It's great to see a father and son team spend some quality time building a truck together. Perhaps, when Josh gets a little older, we'll see another truck they've built together, but for now there's only one thing missing from his current truck. Everyone knows that a real truck has to have license plates, so Josh and Steven, make sure you check the mail. You have a few Sport Truck magazine plates already on their way.
If you think your truck is worthy of our pages, send your photos to: Sport Truck, Readers' Rides, 774 S. Placentia Ave., Placentia, CA 92870.You can also ship a high-quality digital image of your ride to:
Fifty-FiftyWho: Kerry ThomasWhere: MemphisWhat: '48 Chevy pickup
Kerry Thomas of Memphis spent nine months creating this unique eye opener. The front half is a '48 Chevy; the bed is from a '98 Chevy. Powering the truck is a built 355ci powerplant with plenty of horses. The front suspension has been replaced with '75 Chevy components with drop spindles, and a set of 16-inch Pacer Claws wrapped in Bridgestone rubber was chosen for the rolling stock. The interior sports a full Pioneer DVD system, a slew of billet accessories, as well as the purple and gold theme borrowed from the outside of the truck.
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