Custom Hummer H2 - Home Run Hummer

A Shortstop's Ride To The Park

Feb 1, 2004
Photo 2/2   |   custom Hummer H2 right Side View
Dreaming of becoming a major league baseball player, Tony Womack grew up working hard, learning the game, and letting his ambitions drive him to success. Part of his dream was to showcase his successes with a customized ride he and his wife Janet could enjoy while driving to the ballpark. After 10 years of major league success, the Chicago Cubs shortstop went on the search for the perfect ride to meet his customization needs. He found his dream ride in the form of a HUMMER H2 and immediately began making the black H2 a tricked-out SUV.
Any and all athletes, professional or weekend warriors, need the proper equipment to perform at a constant high level. Tony outfitted his H2 with new shoes, in the form of Boze Fatal 8 20x10-inch chrome wheels wrapped in very athletic Nitto NT-404 tires measuring a robust P325/50R20 size. Now, the Hummer had the proper footing for higher speeds, especially around the bases, but it lacked the flair of a real base-stealer. Tony quickly looked to Real Wheels for an entire stainless steel jersey treatment.
Covering the all-star performer in stainless steel, Real Wheels added a 150-piece kit to the H2, including a chrome grilleguard, taillight covers, tow hooks, emblems, and hood latches. The all-black SUV looked great with the bright treatment, and under the big stadium lights, looking good is all too important. With that in mind, Tony looked to the interior. To remove the extra player on the bench, Tony installed a custom spare tire mount that is chrome-plated for beauty and protection. Wrapping the bench-warmer spare tire is a beautiful tire cover, hand-stitched by Artisans Embroidery with Tony's personal logo - A STEAL 2C.
Continuing with the modifications of the interior, a real Burlwood dash was installed, supplied by Auto Works in Tempe, Arizona. With the spare tire off the roster and enough real wood to make a baseball bat, Tony wanted more audio and video. The professionals at Arizona Auto Works added a Kenwood DVD source unit, a Kenwood 5.1 Dolby DSP processor, and began the subwoofer install. Wood, MDF, and vinyl were used to build the custom Diamond Audio amplifier rack, and four Diamond Audio 10-inch subwoofers were mounted in trick color-matched enclosures, complete with neon rings. Allowing the rear ball players to enjoy the ride to the park, 8-inch Kenwood monitors were installed in each headrest. Now the cheers of the fans could be heard and seen in digital clarity, with plenty of bass to massage the passengers after those long road trips.
Tony always dreamed of being a major league ball player and having a custom truck he could call his own. Congratulations, Tony, you hit a home run in our eyes with your black and chrome Hummer H2.
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