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2003 Cadillac ESV - King of Bling

Just Tested Positive for G.A.M.E.

Wes Allison
Apr 1, 2004
Photographers: Wes Allison
There are four distinct letters on the grille of Leonard Davis' '03 Cadillac ESV that describe him to a tee: B.I.G.G. At 6 feet 6 inches and 384 pounds, it's no wonder that Arizona drafted him from his home state of Texas to crush anyone on its opponent's defensive line. For his entire life, Leonard has been at the top of his game, so it was no surprise that when he wanted to build one of the tightest Caddy's in Arizona, he went to Kenyatta Goins, the top of Goins Automotive Motorsports Enterprises. The Tempe, Arizona-based GAME took on the task of transforming the mild giant of a Caddy into a heavyweight head-turner.
The starting point for the project was to update the suspension components. A set of Chassis Tech upper control arms was modified to accommodate the all-wheel-drive system and installed along with Firestone 'bags at each of the four corners. Three 3-gallon air tanks and two 1-gallon accumulator tanks were plumbed with 1/2-inch line, then wired up to the air system by Rick and Jason. To fill the tanks and lines in less than two minutes, a 200-psi Oasis XD2000 compressor was bolted to a tubular steel frame and installed in the spare tire hole. A set of 24-inch TIS-01 wheels wrapped in 35-series BFGoodrich G-Force rubber was then set under each wheelwell. Behind the 24-inch rolling stock reside massive 16-inch rotors and four-piston calipers from Stainless Steel Brake Co.
Since Kenyatta is known for his unique style and design, Leonard wanted GAME to go nuts on his truck. The front and rear bumpers were removed, and a bumper cover was mocked up using pieces from a Sanora Design kit up front. The side skirts were stretched 18 inches, and the rear bumper was fabricated from scratch. Once the molds were formed, the kit was polished up and checked for accuracy by the team. The rear bumper and side skirts were molded into the body panels, then the lower half of the truck was sprayed with Metallic Medium Charcoal Gray. The upper half was sprayed with Diamond Pearl White, then a black dividing line was added between the two pigments. After the paint was buried under four coats of clear, the entire truck was color-sanded and buffed to perfection.
A custom billet grille was made by FST, and a radar detector and laser diffuser were installed behind the transparent GAME logo on the bumper cover. To keep the anti-fuzz detection at a maximum, an additional radar detector was placed in the rear. All the emblems, as well as the door handles, were removed and gold-plated. Kenyatta then misted the taillights using the matching charcoal paint. Under the hood, a MagnaCharger supercharger, polished by Reflections, and an Airaid cold-air intake were installed to the top of the fresh 6.0L. To improve the flow inside the engine, the heads were sent out to be ported and polished. The stock manifolds were removed, and a set of JBA headers and two high-flow catalytic converters were added to the exhaust system.
Once the exterior styling and performance modifications were complete, the team turned its attention to the interior of the SUV. Since all the interior components were stripped out for the Caddy's color change, it provided GAME with the opportunity to Dynomat the entire interior and start with a clean canvas. Kenyatta sat down and designed the interior, then recruited Verdone Auto Upholstery to help him bring his designs to life.
The factory seats were stripped of their covers, and a trio of suede, leather, and custom-dyed alligator was stitched together to replace them. A custom carpet kit was cut and sewn together to match the predominant suede and leather colors. In order to accept the 10-inch plasma screen, Shawn and Danny reconstructed the dash to perfectly conform to the overall interior design. The stock gauges were replaced with a custom football-themed gauge created by US Speedo. Lead installer Mike Burns used a combination of MDF, fiberglass, metal, and composite material to sculpt the free-flowing center console. Housed within the console are the relocated temperature controls, boost, and pyrometer gauges, as well as the Pioneer head unit. The masterpiece of a console, which conforms to an abstract alligator design, begins at the dash and whips its tail through the passenger seats, ending within the football-shaped sub enclosure.
The enclosure holds twelve 12-inch Xtant Mobile subwoofers arranged into clusters of three subs that line the top and bottom of the football shape. Each of the hexagon-shaped subs are powered via seven Xtant Mobile Mono-Block amps that are mounted in the rear of the Caddy. The doors, kick panels, and center channels are stuffed with a mix of 4-, 5-, and 6-inch Morel Integra speakers, which are powered by three Xtant Mobile amps.
To match the impressive sound system, a full theater system was added as well. Eight-inch Accel Vision screens were mounted within each of the headrests, and two screens were added below the custom amp rack in the back. As if that wasn't enough, two 22-inch plasma screens were mounted inside the rear-quarter glass facing out. All the screens are wired to a fully modded Xbox as well as a computer system that provides MP3, DVD, navigation, and e-mail capabilities.
To control every function of the truck from the 'bags to the A/V system, GAME hooked up its Pronto wireless remote control. The remote, which is like a small PDA, has a full color screen and warns Leonard if anyone is stupid enough to try and break into his ride. Believe us, the last thing you want is a 384-pound NFL ass-kicking.



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