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2002 GMC Sierra - Readers' Rides - Readers' Rap

Apr 1, 2004
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Intact Warranty
I get a great deal of information in Truckin' magazine on new aftermarket parts. I am looking to add a bolt-on exhaust system to my '02 GMC Sierra regular cab pickup. I know I have different choices to pick from, but which one will not void my warranty and clean out my wallet?Steve T.Fresno, California
As you mentioned, there are many different companies in Truckin' magazine that offer an exhaust for your truck. And you probably couldn't go wrong with any of them. The biggest question facing consumers is the question of whether their warranty can be voided by installing these aftermarket parts. Thanks to SEMA and the federal law known as the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, a vehicle manufacturer cannot void your warranty just because you installed a part. They actually have to prove that the part you installed caused the failure in question. For more information, log on to and click on Your Car and The Law.
Starving Student
I am a poor truck-loving college student that lives on Top Ramen noodles and my newest issue of Truckin'. My room terribly needs to be decorated. I was brainstorming last night and I thought, Why doesn't Truckin' have centerfolds of trucks? What do you guys say? How about including a tri-fold picture of the feature truck? My room would definitely get decorated then, and in style. One more question, I own two Chevy trucks, and I can't decide which one to trick out when I am done with school. What would you rather see, the '77 two-wheel shortie that's customized a little bit, or my economical '89 four-banger S-10, which would definitely have to have a V-8 in it. Help me out guys!TravisCharlotte, North Carolina
We know your pain of living through Top Ramen noodle days. Heck, some of our editors are still living off it now. To answer your question about tri-folds: If we were to offer them in the magazine, the price would probably be too high for you to afford Truckin' magazine and to buy Ramen noodles. So, it is in your best interest that we don't offer tri-folds, you see, because then we would be afraid of you buying Truckin' magazine and starving, and we would never get to see that '77 when you were finished.
Van Fan
I have been a vanner since the late-'70s, and I subscribed to Truckin' for a good many of those years. I finally cancelled my subscription due to the negative attitude toward vanners. I was just shown the Jan. '04 issue, and I was impressed, obviously with the features (Van Reflections and Sport Vans), but more so with the positive attitude. Vanners have been building vans like this for a long time now. I have renewed my subscription for two years with Truckin', keep up the good work and positive attitude.Jeff McCaslandKeene Valley, New York
Welcome back. We are glad to see that you thought highly enough of our staff and our truck and van coverage to renew your subscription. Vans are not only the roots of Truckin', but we feel that vans are ripe for a comeback in the sport, maybe not exactly as they were in the '70s, but possibly as retro sport vans or similar in theme to the tricked-out modern Astros that we have been recently seeing at the shows. In either case, we welcome the creativity and talent into the pages of our book.
Dyno Request
I have been a reader of your magazine for several years. Sometimes it takes me several days to get through it. Each time I pick it up, I start from the beginning because there is so much in it. I really enjoyed the article in the Dec. '03 issue in which you installed an AEM Brute Force intake on an S-10 V-6. I was amazed at the horsepower and torque increase it made. I don't drive my vehicle at 5,000 rpm, so the torque increase doesn't mean as much to me there. I do drive it at 2,000-3,000 rpm, and there the gain would be felt. The main reason I am writing is to encourage you to dyno test any vehicle before and after any performance upgrades. I know it takes more time and effort, but it shows me what the expense of the product would yield.Lloyd AndersonPhoenix, Arizona
We agree with you, and we do our best to include dyno information on any performance product install that we cover. However, the manufacturers, who build the products, and the shops that put the products on, don't always have access to a dyno. That being said, we will continue to include dyno information whenever it is possible.
Starting Them Young
I love your magazine! Even though I only have one Truckin' magazine issue, I still think Truckin' rocks! When I first saw the cover, I knew I had to get it. My friends and I are into trucks and cars, even though I am only 10. I've been thinking about what kind of car I should get when I am older. I am either going to get an Escalade, a Mustang, or an Avalanche. Which one should I get when I am older? This question has been bothering me for three months. Your opinions would be great. You guys blow all the other magazines away.Nate BeermanWest Sinsbury, Connecticut
It is great to hear from such an enthusiastic young guy such as yourself. We hope you can learn all you can about trucks from reading Truckin'. As you know, we are biased truck guys, so we'll have to steer you clear of the Mustang. We don't know what your financial situation is, and since an Escalade is going to cost a lot of lawn mowing, yard cleaning, and paper route money, we think you should put your sights on a nice, used Avalanche. If you start saving now, you'll probably have enough money for the truck, with some leftover for customizing.
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