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  • 1994 Chevy 3500 Crew Cab Dualie - Peewee's Playhouse

1994 Chevy 3500 Crew Cab Dualie - Peewee's Playhouse

The Secret Word is Clean

John O'Neill
Mar 1, 2007
Photographers: John O'Neill
Photo 2/2   |   1994 Chevy 3500 Crew Cab Dualie side View
Every truck takes a production crew to change it from its boring stock form to a fully custom build that is fun to pimp around town. For Mitchell "Peewee" Welt, that cast and crew included Peerless Autobody, Mad Mods, Wicked Kustoms, and Audio Concepts. They came together to create one of the cleanest Crew Cab dualies to roll though Peewee's hometown of Coral Springs, Florida.
The story starts in a used car lot, with Peewee strolling through the rows looking for his next truck. He'd already made up his mind that a mini wasn't going to cut it and wasn't even sure if a fullsize extra cab truck would do it for him. When his feet stopped in front of the bumper of a '94 Chevy 3500 Crew Cab dualie, he knew that it was his truck.
From the lot, Peewee headed straight for Hollywood - Florida that is - to Wicked Kustoms. WK pulled out the front springs, replaced them with Firestone 2,850-pound 'bags, and added Belltech drop spindles. In the rear, a set of 3,250-pound 'bags was placed over the axle, and the leaf springs were replaced with ladder bars and a Panhard bar. The frame was cut and a custom monster notch was added, along with a custom bridge. To allow for the suspension to fully cycle, the bed was cut, then bolted back to the framerails. A 10-gallon storage tank was added and then plumbed with 3/8-inch line through MAC valves. On each of the four corners, a 19-inch APP Villain wheel encased in Pirelli rubber was bolted on for the rolling stock.
Once the crew at Wicked Kustoms was done 'bagging the truck, Peewee drove it over to Audio Concepts in West Palm Beach. There, each of the seats was recovered with tweed and a custom center console was fabricated. The console houses the gauges, switches, and a Pioneer 7-inch monitor in the rear, as well as working A/C vents. A Pioneer DVD head unit was set in the dash and piped out to Rockford Fosgate speakers in the dash and doors. To make the interior even cleaner, Peewee purchased every billet piece he could find for his Crew Cab and installed it along with a Billet Specialties steering wheel.
The finishing touches to Peewee's truck came from Peerless Autobody in Pompano Beach. Peerless started by shaving all four door handles, the tailgate, as well as the antenna, and then added a smoothie bumper to the front. In the rear, the taillights were shaved and relocated in LED form on the roll pan. The top of the cab was cut out and a sliding ragtop was installed.
Peewee wanted to make sure the Crew Cab would get noticed, so the decision was made to change the color from its factory black to something bright. After a few rounds of decision-making, PPG Autumn Orange was chosen as the spray color. The truck was scuffed and blocked until it was straight, then sprayed with the PPG pigment. A Leer shell was painted to match, then installed over the bedrails.
The ride was complete and Peewee now had his perfect truck. Although he'd thrown down almost enough cash on his truck to buy a house, he at least now owned a truck that was as big as a house - and planted even harder than one.
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