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MTX Audio - Xtremely Over The Top

An S-10 Audio Showcase

Jun 1, 2005
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It's an enviable job to design and build demo vehicles, more so when you consider working with MTX Audio, a company that has a reputation for putting together cars and trucks that have style, attitude, and a refreshing touch of practicality. You could almost drive one, if you weren't scared of dirt, rain, and other cars on the road. MTX has upheld its reputation with this S-10 Xtreme. With a low profile, just the right accessories, and, of course, bitchin' audio, the MTX guys have once again demonstrated that they're on top of what's cool in the aftermarket.
The MTX team chose an '03 Xtreme extended cab, aiming to bring out the super-sleek potential of the truck's body style. Shaving the door handles, tailgate handle, taillights, and antenna was the first step in the custom direction. The stock rear bumper was then replaced with a roll pan and '69 Cadillac taillights to finish off the back side. After adding an APC cowl-induction hood and Street Scene mirrors, the S-10 was already looking pretty sweet, but the look really began to take shape with the custom paintjob by Kreative Kustoms. The mix of classic, subtle colors and tribal-esque graphics gives the S-10 just the right amount of attitude and personality.
The suspension was updated with Air Ride Technologies' complete four-way fast-'bag system, with CoolRide on the front and RoadGrater on the back. While it's cool to leave some stock stuff on your custom truck, it's definitely not cool to drive around with stock wheels and tires. Some would say that it's just wrong. The MTX team definitely agrees and chose BFGoodrich g-Force T/A KDW tires with chrome Venom wheels from KMC with add-on Spintek Stunner chrome spinners.
The team also installed a few key accessories under the hood and in the cab, including a K&N Fuel Injection Performance Kit, V-Racing seats, Weapon R four-point seatbelts, and a Carriage Works chrome steering wheel. The most radical interior modification, however, is the cab cutaway to the bed. With the rear wall of the cab cut open through to the bed, the team was able to create some extra space and allow the installation of equipment to flow right through to the cab. The audio/video system consists of Alpine, MTX, and Icon-TV components, plus Street Wires wiring and power accessories. The source unit is an Alpine DVA-7996, which has DVD, CD, and MP3 capabilities. To this, the team added an Alpine remote six-disc CD changer and XM radio tuner module, for access to XM's digital satellite radio channels. The front stage consists of four 6-1/2-inch MTX speakers (T6.6) and two 5-1/4-inch MTX speakers (T6.5). There are two 6-1/2s in each door panel and the 5-1/4s are installed in the dash, replacing the factory speakers.
Bass is taken care of by four MTX Thunder 9500 10-inch subwoofers. Output is enhanced and maximized by three types of MTX Thunder amps, each powering a separate set of speakers. Each subwoofer is powered by its own Thunder 801D with MTX's EQ bass boost. One Thunder 202 powers the 5-1/4s in the dash, while a Thunder 1004 powers the 6-1/2s in the doors. With the woofers at 2 ohms and the rest of the speakers at 4 ohms, the system's total wattage is a whopping 3,800 watts. And, just to be sure the system sounds super clean, the team used Noise Killer Extreme sound-damping material to minimize vibration noise. The S-10 holds a total of four Icon-TV monitors, including three 8-inch and one 15-inch. Two are installed in the tailgate, and one is placed in the dash. The 15-inch monitor is mounted in the bed of the truck for easy viewing at shows.
A variety of power accessories was used to protect the speakers and ensure sufficient and stable power to the system. Of course, with all the audio equipment, the truck needed extra battery power. A custom-made, steel battery tray mounted to the frame holds nine SVR 80 12-volt batteries underneath the truck's bed. The team used twisted, 8-gauge red and black Street Wires power wire for the speakers. The power and ground cables are 1/0-, 4-, and 8-gauge red and silver wire, combined using Street Wires distribution blocks. A total of eight distribution blocks was used, along with five in-line fuse holders. Also, two Street Wise 20/24-volt power station capacitors supplement the power supply to the amps.
All in all, the MTX S-10 is a well-designed audio/video showcase. The MTX crew did have some help and would like to thank Air Ride Technologies, BFGoodrich, V-Racing, Spintek, Stainless Steel Brakes Corporation, Vitek, Trenz, Street Scene, KMC Wheels, Carriage Works, Icon-TV, Varad, APC, Kreative Kustoms, Astro Cap, K&N, and Empire Motor Sports. Keep an eye out for this Xtreme truck, or better yet, keep your ears open.
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