Welcome to our first-ever Readers' Rides awards bonanza. We thought a Readers' Rides blowout section would be a great way to pay homage to the numerous homebuilt custom rigs that may never be given the privilege of seeing the pages of any magazine for whatever reason. In a perfect world, we could print every one of your trucks that crossed our desk, but it's not, so we cant. So how did we pick them, you ask? Well, because we have such a limited amount of space, we used a very scientific method to weed through the massive pile of submissions. What better way to flex our editorial muscles than to sweet-talk a hottie into coming to the shop and test her dart-throwing skillz? She did miss the mark the first 30 or so times, so we upgraded her from those little darts to the big lawn darts our granny gave us for Xmas. Thank God for Santa Grams, who gave us the most dangerous toy every created. So here they are, the 50 best - or at the very least, the 50 - trucks Delana actually hit with her darts. Enjoy!