Extremely Clownin' in a 2000 Chevrolet S-10

Kim: 1 - Phil: 0

Chad Lucas
Nov 1, 2005
Photographers: Mike Alexander
Photo 2/12   |   0511 01z 2000 Chevrolet S10 Side View
It was the fall of 2000, birds were chirping, leaves were falling, and Kim was working at Home Depot. Kim was on top of the world: She was rolling a brand-new '00 Chevy S-10 Extreme with custom lighting galore. The parking lot of Home Depot was hers to own. One day in the break room, trucks were the discussion of choice for the hard-working lumber stackers. Kim started spitting game on her fresh whip. One of the workers started throwin' it down about his cousin's S-10 and how bad it was. Just then, that cousin walked in the door - low and behold it was Phil (aka "Phil Deez") Hernandez, pre-IF.
Photo 3/12   |   0511 04z 2000 Chevrolet S10 Custom Emblem View
Kim had met Phil briefly before in a negative fashion, so cupid hadn't loaded his bow yet. Phil didn't drive his truck every day due to its show-ready stance, so Kim had never seen it. We all know where this is going - trash talk! The next day Phil cruised his truck much to the dismay of Kim - her truck was not as cool as once believed.
A couple smooth words and a few cheesy pick-up lines later, Kim and Phil were going out. After driving in Phil's truck and attending local shows, Kim was bit by the mini-truck bug. Originally a rag top and airbags were the hot ticket for Kim's roller. Fortunately, Phil was now working at SoCal big-hitter IF Customs. As the truck came apart, more mods were added by the day, including a longbed. Kim had to have a truck at least as low as Phil's, so a stock-floor body drop was added to the mix. Due to a leaking/pouring oil line, the engine seized and gave IF a reason to pull the motor. This made for an opportune time to yank the cab and add color to the newly modified frame. A subtle but killer mod that was done to Kim's ride is the 1-1/2-inch chop using stock glass. We know you're thinking, Ouch, she's clowning Phil. That must be why he sold his truck, as now you can see him rolling Kim's - if she lets him, that is.
Four years, 50 fights, 100 mods, and a much-cooler-than-Phil's-truck later, everything had come together - enough for paint to be the new topic of conversation. As chance would have it, their good friend Jim Sarcone was a painter by weekend, so the choice was obvious. Phil laid out a two-tone tribal paint scheme and Jim let the paint flow. Candy purple and silver were the colors of choice, with light-blue pinstriping laid down by Fonze and Cary of IF. New 18- and 20-inch Rozzi Detentions were thrown on for decoration to finish the outside accessorizing.
She's gone from collecting lumber to collecting trophies - not a bad transition for a once-fiberglass-laden parking-lot cruiser. Kim's ride has already hit the show circuit hard, from Greenville's Showfest to Cal Truck Jam. Once again, a girl has stepped on our feet. Maybe this issue wasn't such a good idea after all . . .



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