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Extremely Clownin' in a 2000 Chevrolet S-10

Kim: 1 - Phil: 0

Chad Lucas
Nov 1, 2005
Photographers: Mike Alexander
Photo 2/12   |   Owner: Kimberly BainesRide: '00 Chevrolet S-10 Extreme Hometown: Sylmar, California Club Affiliation: Down to Earth
It was the fall of 2000, birds were chirping, leaves were falling, and Kim was working at Home Depot. Kim was on top of the world: She was rolling a brand-new '00 Chevy S-10 Extreme with custom lighting galore. The parking lot of Home Depot was hers to own. One day in the break room, trucks were the discussion of choice for the hard-working lumber stackers. Kim started spitting game on her fresh whip. One of the workers started throwin' it down about his cousin's S-10 and how bad it was. Just then, that cousin walked in the door - low and behold it was Phil (aka "Phil Deez") Hernandez, pre-IF.
Photo 3/12   |   0511 04z 2000 Chevrolet S10 Custom Emblem View
Kim had met Phil briefly before in a negative fashion, so cupid hadn't loaded his bow yet. Phil didn't drive his truck every day due to its show-ready stance, so Kim had never seen it. We all know where this is going - trash talk! The next day Phil cruised his truck much to the dismay of Kim - her truck was not as cool as once believed.
A couple smooth words and a few cheesy pick-up lines later, Kim and Phil were going out. After driving in Phil's truck and attending local shows, Kim was bit by the mini-truck bug. Originally a rag top and airbags were the hot ticket for Kim's roller. Fortunately, Phil was now working at SoCal big-hitter IF Customs. As the truck came apart, more mods were added by the day, including a longbed. Kim had to have a truck at least as low as Phil's, so a stock-floor body drop was added to the mix. Due to a leaking/pouring oil line, the engine seized and gave IF a reason to pull the motor. This made for an opportune time to yank the cab and add color to the newly modified frame. A subtle but killer mod that was done to Kim's ride is the 1-1/2-inch chop using stock glass. We know you're thinking, Ouch, she's clowning Phil. That must be why he sold his truck, as now you can see him rolling Kim's - if she lets him, that is.
Four years, 50 fights, 100 mods, and a much-cooler-than-Phil's-truck later, everything had come together - enough for paint to be the new topic of conversation. As chance would have it, their good friend Jim Sarcone was a painter by weekend, so the choice was obvious. Phil laid out a two-tone tribal paint scheme and Jim let the paint flow. Candy purple and silver were the colors of choice, with light-blue pinstriping laid down by Fonze and Cary of IF. New 18- and 20-inch Rozzi Detentions were thrown on for decoration to finish the outside accessorizing.
She's gone from collecting lumber to collecting trophies - not a bad transition for a once-fiberglass-laden parking-lot cruiser. Kim's ride has already hit the show circuit hard, from Greenville's Showfest to Cal Truck Jam. Once again, a girl has stepped on our feet. Maybe this issue wasn't such a good idea after all . . .


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