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Ridin' Around - January 2006

Chad Lucas
Jan 1, 2006
Photo 2/6   |   1996 S10 Blazer passenger Side View
Sharon Whitham of Tell City, Indiana, is doing her part as one of the women of our sport. Sharon's '96 S-10 Blazer has a stockpile of Trenz billet inside the cab to go along with her Auto Meter gauges. The underhood takes on a life of its own with a Cool Blue Cool Flex Hose and an MSD ignition. Lund hoodscoops and a Classic Industries front clip add the custom look to the front of Sharon's S-series. There are still many plans in the future for Sharon's custom, including an engine swap and new rollers. Awesome, Sharon, keep on mini-truckin'.
Photo 3/6   |   1993 Toyota Truck drivers Side View
Charles Munro, you're the next contestant on Ridin' Around! That's right, your bro Tony threw your name in the hat right under your nose. Charles' '93 Toyota has seen its share of mods in the last two years. With help from his brother, Suicide Doors, and FBI, the 'Yota was 'bagged front to back, and enough valves were added to make it dance at the stoplight. Charles' Toy' sports a reverse triangulated four-link, '97 240SX 17-inch rollers courtesy of his other brother Sean, and a 4x4 front end. There is a lot in store for this mini, including a body drop, paint, raised bed floor, a little shaving, and finishing off the interior. Being an avid reader didn't hurt your chances of getting in Ridin' Around, either, Charles. Enjoy.
Photo 4/6   |   1988 Chevrolet S10 front View
Leland Kent of Birmingham, Alabama, has one dope '88 Chevy S-10. It's pretty amazing, considering an accident with an 18-wheeler was its first modification. Falling asleep at the wheel lowers the dopeness factor for any mini. Not having the money to tow the truck 60 miles home, a spare tire was thrown on, and with a broken windshield and one headlight, the S-10 limped back home. Since the truck was down, Leland felt there was no better time to start customizing it. The front end was updated with a a smooth chrome bumper. All the unnecessary items were shaved. On top of that, the bed was sealed up with a tailgate skin roll pan combo, and Caddy lights were frenched in. Firestone airbags were added on all four corners, Pete & Jake's keeps the rearend straight, and 17-inch Vision wheels help the bling factor. A future bright-red paintjob is running through this mini-trucker's head. Leland thanks his parents, his girl April, and all his homies.
Photo 5/6   |   1993 Mazda B2200 drivers Side View
Photo 6/6   |   1993 Mazda B2200 custom Interior
Curtis Cox of the Great White North has redone his mini more than the Lakers trade players. Family owned and operated since 1997, Curtis' '93 Mazda B2200 has not only seen the knife but bought it as well. This is the third buildup of the truck, and the change does not disappoint. Curtis' Mazda has been 'bagged all the way around with Firestone airbags in 1/2-inch fashion, and also sports a triangulated four-link with a new rear frame clip. Compressed air comes from the stock A/C compressor and even has an electric Firestone for back-up. The Mazda sports a 2-1/2-inch body drop by Dan at 519 Kustomz and is fully shaved. Inside, the dash is completely smoothed with an added skull and a 7.5-inch LCD. Sony provides CD placement as well as video-game enjoyment, while four 4-inch and two 6-inch MA Audio speakers handle the sound waves. Three 10-inch MA Audio subs are powered by a 1,000-watt Clarion digital amp all hooked up by Curtis. '87 Honda CRX seats have been recovered in tweed and vinyl. Rollers consists of five-lug 18-inch Limiteds with 40-series rubber. The extra six months for the rebuild of the truck was definitely worth it. Good job on giving Canada one more mini for us to be impressed with.


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