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Custom 1998 Nissan Frontier - Pinky

Rule The World

Chad Lucas
Mar 1, 2006
Photographers: Mike Alexander
Photo 2/7   |   OWNER: Alicia Gardner RIDE: '98 Nissan Frontier HOMETOWN: Oklahoma City, OK CLUB AFFILIATION: Pleasures
When your husband is tearing down the streets of Oklahoma in his larger-than-life, lifted fullsize 4x4, the itch to build your own custom ride comes into play. For Alicia Gardner of Oklahoma City, this rings true since her beau, Derek from Autotrendz, was the only one having fun with the truck world. With a little forethought Alicia tried to think about how she could clown Derek. Answer: a slammed mini layin' body to tear up the pavement and run circles around Derek's four-by.
Derek's homie had a mildly fixed-up '98 Nissan Frontier that had been posting it up in the driveway for about a year and a half. With dust and weeds being its only friends, the Frontier was just begging to be toyed with. Alicia was able to grab the truck on a steal, and Autotrendz went to work. Everything that was previously done to the truck was redone to Alicia's approval.
The most unmistakable aspect of Pinky would have to be the loud PPG Pink Panther paint covering everything from the interior to all the outer sheetmetal. The previous drab yellowish-green color just wasn't going to cut it. With the body completely shaved smooth, the Pink Panther hue has nothing to fight over to grab attention from onlookers. Even the 18-inch Bonspeed Laguna's have grabbed a taste of pink, with every other spoke painted to as high a luster as the body.
Photo 3/7   |   1998 Nissan Frontier multiple Angles
How does it feel, Derek? Aren't you jealous? Alicia can't exactly run you over, but she can drive under your ride all day long. She could also get into her ride drunk, or should we say fall into her ride, and pass out. An unprecedented number of sleepless nights were disposed of in the final completion days of Alicia's 4x4 slayer. Alicia can't thank enough those that helped get her Frontier where it is today.
The Lowdown

Rolling Attire
Wheels: 18x7-inch Bonspeed Laguna
Backspace: 4-1/2-inch
Tires: Nankang 215/35R18
Misc: Wheels painted by Kevin Cox of Custom Concepts
Chassis Modifications
Suspension Type: Air
Rear Suspension: Elite Street Rod triangulated four-link
Airbag/Cylinder Type and Size (Front): Slam Specialties RS52; (Rear): Firestone sleeve bags
Spindles/Springs: Bell Tech 2-inch drop spindles
Shocks: Monroe
Valves: SMC 1/2-inch
Air Accessories: Nitrogen bottle
Frame Mods: Step notch
Frame Material: 1/4-inch plate
Gas Tank: Stock unit relocated to rear of the frame
Detail Work: Rear frame clip painted pink
Performed By: Autotrendz, Oklahoma City, OK
Body Modifications
Shaved: Door handles, gas filler, taillights, third brake light, bed floor
Body Dropped: 3 inches
Back End: FBI combo
Taillights: LEDs
Exterior Bolt-ons: Carriage Works billet grille
Performed By: Autotrendz,Oklahoma City, OK
Brand and Colors: PPG Pink Panther
Style: Single color
Performed By: Joey Skinner and Todd Boatright,Tuttle, OK
Photo 7/7   |   1998 Nissan Frontier custom Seats
Seats: Cavalier buckets
Materials: Lambskin and pink leather
Dash: Smoothed and painted
Door Panels: Smoothed and painted with lambskin inserts
Flooring: Mercedes cream wool carpet
Headliner: Lambskin
Misc: B.A.D. Bonspeed Laguna steering wheel, billet mirror from All Sales, all plastic smoothed and painted, FBI billet window cranks
Performed By: Ceasar's,Oklahoma City, OK
Head Unit: Pioneer
Mids & Highs: Pioneer 6-1/2-inch
Wiring/Accessories: Hooker Audio
Performed By: Autotrendz,Oklahoma City, OK
Special Thanks
Derek Graham, Joey Skinner, Jimmie Broyles, Dave Brown, Todd Boatright, Jacob Dobelbower, her Uncle Roy, Pleasures, and all of the people who stayed up 'til 3 a.m. or later and put tons of hours into Pinky


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